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The night

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The night
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The big moment arrives...hic ups at 2.00am

Like all mothers, Honey was fickle.
Two hours until the first Pup, 260gms wheaten bitch .
Honey hardly contracted. It's going to be easy!


1st 4,40am, Wheaten female 260Gms
2nd 5.10am Wheaten Male 260gms.Fantastic Colour
3rd 5.25am. Wheaten Female. 160gms. Another Lizzie?
4th 6.35am. Wheaten Female 235gms
5th 7.15am. Wheaten Male 248gms.
6th 8.10am. BREACH!!! Well and truely stuck. Thought we would have to get the vet. After what seemed hours finally released. Cold and still. Much rubbing and stimul;ating and yes a small sputter, a cry and we had life!
Female Wheaten. 261gms and has not looked back.